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Hoss Review of 2010


2010 was definitely a difficult year for businesses around the world.  As a small business owner, I watched with dismay as even the bigger corporations struggled to trade.   But we did make it through the year, and as we move into 2011 I'm feeling very proud that we managed to come in just about on target.  To achieve this, we literally had to double our marketing efforts (and working hours) to drive customers to our doors.  One of our main areas of concentration has been our branding and profile, particularly in the local area; and we've been rewarded with a huge increase in activity on our website, and telephone enquiries as people seek us out to see what we can offer.  

There are companies that have benefitted from the recession - we hear of the major supermarkets positively booming, as consumers not only continue to need food but increase their expenditure on small luxuries and treats, rather than splashing out on holidays, new cars etc.  This is where we come in.  Hoss has been able to run various offers throughout the recession, giving our consumers a real 'feel good treat' at a price they can afford.

At Hoss we have always marketed our photography as an essential timeless memory, to pass on to future generations - and of course it still is.  But the marketing goalposts have changed, and so therefore must we.  The public need a more urgent reason to justify treating themselves - which is why we've introduced a number of new offers to complement our exisitng marketing mix.  And we'll continue to bring in new promotions throughout 2011 - see our Valentine's Day Offer which has teamed us up with Flowerhouse florists, and the Perfumers Guild.

We're the first to admit that these are difficult times.  But everyone needs little treats in life - and we're delighted to be the perfect place to get them!!  


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